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Buffalo Chicken Dip made with cream cheese, shredded chicken, and Franks Red Hot Buffalo Sauce.  Comes with Tortilla Chips    


each pan serves 8-10


To reheat: Remove Lid. Bake @ 350 for approx 20 Min.  Check Dish and return to oven in 5 minute increments until sauce is bubbling and the edges are getting a little dark. Do not stir.  Do not allow to get complety brown across the top, just touches of golden brown.  Allow to rest for 5 minute prior to serving.  Internal temp should reach 165 degrees prior to serving.


Oven times may vary.  Dish has been cooked throughly and is ready to eat once heated through. 


Contains: Dairy, Chicken, 


Another idea:

- use the dip to make buffalo chicken eggrolls.  allow the dip to come to room temp, fill eggroll wrapper, close following instructions on package, eggwash and bake.  Serve with blue cheese dipping sauce. 


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