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Pink Flamingos signature Raspberry Chiptole Meatballs.  A party classic with a spin.  All beef & gluten free.   3 meatballs make an average serving.     


each pan is 30 meatballs 


To reheat: Vent aluminum lid creating a tee-pee over dish, leaving 2 sides still attached.  Bake @ 350 for approx 15-20 Min.  Remove lid and  stir to distribute sauce evenly.  Return to oven until sauce is bubbling and the edges are getting a little caramelized.  Allow to rest for 5 minute prior to serving to allow sauce to thicken.  


Internal temp should reach165 degrees prior to serving.


Do not heat with lid completely covered, this will cause the sauce to water down.  Crockpot is alternate option for heating.  Heat on high until center reaches correct temp, then reduce to low.  


Oven times may vary.  Dish has been cooked throughly and is ready to eat once heated through. 


Contains: Raspberries 


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