Sweet Tea  $8.00 gallon

Unsweet Tea  $8.00 gallon

Lemonade  $9.00 gallon

Bottled Water $1.00 each

Can Soft Drinks $1.00 each

Orange Juice $1.50 a person

Coffee $2.00 a person (minimum 10 people)





Beverage Table for Receptions $1.50 a person

(includes cups, ice, sweet, unsweet, water, and your choice of soda, punch or lemonade)


Beverage Table for Cocktail Hour $.75 a person 

(must be booked with reception, includes sweet tea & water)


Coffee Station $2.00 per person (minimum 50 people)

(includes cups, sweetners, stirs, flavored syrups) 


Hot Chocolate Bar $2.00 per person (min 50 people)

(includes cups, flavored syrups, marshmallows, peppermint, chocolate chips, cookie crumbles)



Additional Attendant to serve drinks $100.00

Sterling Silver Hot Beverage Dispenser $50.00

Bartenders $250.00





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