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Pink Flamingo's Signature Trifle Collection

Strawberry Shortcake Trifle 2.50

Triple Berry Trifle 2.50

Strawberry Banana Trifle 2.50

Cookies & Cream Trifle 2.50

Turtle Brownie Trifle 2.50

Pina Coloda Trifle 2.50

Peaches & Cream Trifle 2.50

Butterfinger Trifle 2.50

Canoli Trifle 2.50

(All Trifles Available as Mini Dessert Shooters - 3.00)





Chocolate Chip Brownies 1.50

fudge brownies with chocolate chips


Assorted Cookies 1.50

chocolate, peanut butter, sugar, lemon


Banana Pudding 2.50

pudding layered with vanilla wafers & sliced bananas


Assorted Dessert Bars 2.50

Lemon, Key Lime, Turtle, Raspberry


Mini Lemon Icebox Tarts 2.00

Buttery Pastry shell with lemon filling and garnished with meringue topping


Mini Pecan Pies 2.00

Flakey crust with a sweet pecan filling


Chocolate Covered Strawberries 2.00

Fresh berries dipped in milk chocolate and then drizzled with white chocolate



Coffee soaked ladyfingers layered with custard, chocolate, and garnished with espresso powder 


Lemon Ice Box Pie

Graham cracker crust with tangy lemon filling


Peach Cobbler 35.00

Warm filling of peaches, cinnamon, and nutmeg with a crispy top and bottom crust 

serves 20


Cherry Cobbler 35.00

Warm filling of cherries and vanilla with a crispy top and bottom crust

serves 20


Pecan Pie

Pie crusted with a rich brown sugar and pecan filling


Apple Pie

Classic fruit pie with apples, cinnamon and nutmeg



Classic New York style cheesecake

S'mores Skillet Spread

A hot dessert made of milk chocolate, marshmallow, and caramel. Served with graham crackers 

Apple Pie Cookies

Mini bottom and top crust with apple pie filling and sealed edges. 

Bread Pudding 2.00

Bread based dessert with a vanilla butter sauce and sugared pecan topping





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