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Onion Souffle

Onion Souffle made with cream cheese, minced onions and garlic salt.  Comes with Tortilla Chips    


each pan serves 15


Will be cooked & chilled prior to pickup to preserve freshness.

To reheat: Vent aluminum lid creating a tee-pee over dish, leaving 2 sides still attached.  Bake @ 350 for approx 15 Min.  Remove lid and return to oven and allow to get golden brown on top.  Allow to rest for 10 minute prior to serving.  Internal temp should reach 165 degrees prior to serving.


Oven times may vary.  Dish has been cooked throughly and is ready to eat once heated through. 


Contains: Dairy



Turn leftovers into an appetizer:

-makes great stuffed mushrooms

-put into phyllo shells and bake

-spread on crostini & garnish with bacon crumbles  

Onion Souffle

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